HR1904 was signed into law making it ILLEGAL for teachers to NOT teach CRT in all Virginia schools beginning in the 2021-2022 school year. The legislation signed into law on Feb 25th makes it mandatory that all licensed teachers and those seeking licenses in Virginia be trained in “cultural competency.” Bill HR1904 will make it so that by law it is required that teachers be evaluated in “cultural competence,” and a failure to master the tenets of “cultural competency,” aka CRT, will result in their firing. Kids will be indoctrinated through the teachers, not through a transparent curriculum.

POSTED BELOW : Documents and Comments From Prince William County Schools “Whistle Blower”

These documents were sent to all CARE Leads in Prince William County Public Schools in February 2021 from Maria Borous who developed it for PWCS. She is now at the PW County Board of Supervisors.

The teacher stressed that many in Prince William County Schools don’t agree with this. They hate going to meetings where we are pitted against each other to talk about this. Many of the administration with principals don’t want to push this training on staff, particularly after the brutal year of teaching virtual and hybrid.