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It is apparent that our local need for alternatives to public schools is growing in both volume and urgency. It is an unfortunate necessity, but it is exciting to see so many parents willing to fight for what is right for their kids.

Our goal is to provide options and support for parents trying to navigate these issues. This is a unique opportunity because we have so many families looking for alternatives at the same time. We have had information pour in on email, scraps of paper, phone calls, texts, and Facebook posts. In order to do this efficiently, please provide inputs via our survey. We kept it as simple as possible. Even if you have already sent us info about yourself or your services please fill it out at your earliest convenience, so that we may direct our efforts accordingly. We are looking to hear from families who are interested or people who want to provide their services (teachers, homeschool programs, etc) We excited to see what we can do together!

Other Alternative School Options

The Classical Academy of Franklin - preK-12th

M-F - 7:55am-3:25pm

Generations Christian Academy - preK-8th - preK-8th

M-F - 8am-3pm

Homeschool Tutorials:

Haven Academy - K-6th

M-Thurs - 9am-1pm Instruction, 1pm-3pm - Extracurricular, Friday option

Instruction, Extracurricular, Before-School Care, After-School Care

Ironwood Academy - 1st-12th

2 days a week

Behold Community Schoolhouse - preK-8th

2 or 4 days per week, Friday option

Murfreesboro Homeschoolers Tutorial - 1st-8th

Mon and Wed - 9am - 3pm

Renew Christian Academy - 6th-12th

Tues and Thurs - 8:30am-3:30pm

Classical Conversations - preK-12th

1 Community Day per week

There are MANY homeschool curriculum options.

Here are just a few:

Hillsdale Homeschool - K-12th

Liberty University Online Academy - K-12th

Freedom Project Academy - K-12th

Gather Round - preK-12th

Abeka - preK-12th

Enlightium Academy - K-12th

Power Homeschool - preK-12th

Homeschool Resources: