Fostering Healthy Solutions

Stats on Bullying/Racism

We have a bullying problem, not a racism problem.

Two years ago, out of the 108 cases of harassment, 12 were racism-related. Last year, out of 159 cases of harassment, 24 were racism-related. Out of the total number of reported harassment cases, an average of 13 percent were racism-related. (2/23 TN Star)

"There are 40,000 students in WCS. There are 177 instructional days. If you do the math that means there are just over 7 million student days for incident opportunities. WCS is at an average of 18 incidents per year, which is 0.00026 percent. Congratulations WCS. You don’t have a macro-racism issue. You have isolated incidents." (2/23 TN Star)

FHS Plans

Video Introduction of FHS to WCS

WCS paid $55,000 of our tax dollars to hire the mother-son DEI consulting team.

(4:10) Shan Foster: "We have been helping corporations reimagine what corporate culture looks like with respect to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and I'm really looking at a strategic plan."

(7:10) Anita Foster: "What people experience, and through the eyes that they see them and the lens at which I can assist them to see them clearly, has been nothing but great things, and that brings us to the world of Diversity and Inclusion."

(13:00) Anita Foster: "We are going to educate and learn what diversity issues are really about and how we can improve those areas of deficiencies...We are going to engage in sensitivity training, workshops if necessary"

(17:49) Start sensitivity trainings with the board and leadership team.

(18:24) FHS Goals: collect data, conduct a SWOT analysis, and design a customized solution.

(19:40) Anita Foster: "We will help you develop a strategic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy for WCS."

(48:40) Anita Foster: "WCS has hired us as a consulting firm to assist in their Diversity and Inclusion enhancement...We've been told that this board voted unanimously to do this work."

(53:41) Elliot Mitchell, District 3: Empower students, parents and staff to bring DIE issues to an appropriate administrative official to address. Further educate the staff and board and adults to be sympathetic to these DIE issues. Educate the staff to understand the difference between political correctness and true DIE sensitivity.

(1:07:30) Nancy Garrett, District 12: She wants to improve our policies procedures and actions as it relates to diversity and inclusiveness.

Shan Foster's Work & Activism


He is currently part of their leadership team.

This document reveals Shan Foster's advocacy and policy priorities. He is a CRT activist and WCS is his latest pet project.

As a VP executive of YWCA, Shan foster believes the following:

  1. "Racial profiling, bias, and discrimination are woven into every day practices and policies that systematically benefit white people and harm people of color."

  2. "Due to racial and gender bias and through overly punitive school discipline policies, schools disproportionately push black youth out of school and into the criminal justice system."

In YWCA, his advocacy priorities are the following:

  1. "Advocate for schools to provide comprehensive, medically accurate, non-shaming, and LGBTQ-inclusive sexuality education."

  2. "Eliminate "institutional racism" in schools."

  3. "Support initiatives to eliminate policies and practices within our educational systems that criminalize and disenfranchise girls of color and other marginalized communities, including immigrant communities."

  4. "Work with educators to reform school discipline policies and practices that disproportionately target girls of color, girls with disabilities, and LGBTQ youth."

Shan Foster is a Trainer for A Call to Men.

This article exposes the CRT and racism that this organization preaches:

Video of Shan Foster

Shan Foster thinks the fans who celebrated him were actually oppressing him during his career as a successful professional NBA basketball player. He has been indoctrinated to see himself as a victim of oppression, and therefore must protest this "injustice." If he believes that celebration of skill and talent is oppressive, how can he and the woman who raised him be trusted with the task of creating WCS policies for our kids??

Shan Foster follows Ibram X. Kendi's ideology

Critical Race Theory's "real vice is that it teaches people to commit constitutional violations. It promotes widespread discrimination against people of white or Asian ancestry. The most frequently cited critical race theorist, Ibram X. Kendi, makes this explicit. As he puts it, “The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”
The “discrimination” critical race theorists want to “remedy,” through still more discrimination, is any failure to meet a racial quota. As Mr. Kendi puts it, “When I see racial disparities, I see racism.” So if a nuclear weapons lab is full of Asians and whites, not blacks, he sees it as “racism,” even if everybody was legally hired based solely on their qualifications, not their race." (Wall Street Journal 10/2/2020)