Dear TN ...

Blue State refugees have a message for Tennesseans

From California 1

Dear Tennessee,

I’m writing this letter as a warning from the very near-future. Though my wife and I come from a very small, family-oriented town in Los Angeles, we have watched our Public School system embrace Critical Race Theory in the past couple of years. We have also seen the ideology of CRT inform our places of work, as corporation after corporation embraces these radical and divisive concepts here in California. We have watched as these ideas dissolve social cohesion, increase racial tension, turn people – of all ages – into activists and turn everything political. That’s no surprise, as we’ve learned that division is the goal of CRT. Ultimately, it seeks to promote a world view that opposes American ideas that teach us to celebrate our commonalities, rather than our differences.

What I want to warn you about is HOW CRT corrupts any system it touches – be it a school system, church, corporation or any institution. I want to talk about the HOW because CRT never announces itself. It almost never calls itself CRT except, perhaps, in colleges where this dogma is created and advanced.

CRT is a pretty poison. What I mean by that is it always masquerades as something positive and good. That something usually goes by the name: DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion). Sometimes it will also be called “Anti-racism”. On its face, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Anti-racism sounds wonderful. Who could be against that? The problem is, none of the words, mean what they sound like. They are intended to cloak poisonous, radical and anti-American ideas about race and gender.

The process of CRT entering an institution goes something like this: A generalized accusation will be made against your institution, like your school system. It could be that it’s not “diverse” enough. Or, perhaps, one or two incidents between students or a teacher and student will be deemed “racist”. The facts of the accusation will not matter, merely that someone’s feelings were hurt. This accusation of racism – or lack of diversity - will prompt the institution to hire out a consulting firm. That firm will never say there are applying CRT, but will instead promote DEI. Their view of DEI is very specific, namely they will promote a radical leftist, political view of race and gender, and at this point it will be forced upon the institution, by smiling people who claim they want to make the institution more “diverse, inclusive and equitable”.

Leaders of the school, wanting to appear caring and sensitive will often acquiesce to these ideas either out of ignorance. Or, worse, fear that they will be accused of not being “anti-racist” enough or callous to issues regarding race. This ideology manipulates individuals by playing on their desire to appear noble, and if that doesn’t work, outright shaming you if you don’t go along.

Basically, what the DEI consultants will argue, once they are let in, is that people, especially white people, are racially biased – either consciously or unconsciously – most often, they will make this claim without any proof of any specific racially biased action being called out, but rather they will make a generalized accusation of the school system. Generally, the accusation will use the term “systemic racism”, a nebulous charge that is very hard to prove or disprove. If you in any way debate this accusation, the consultants will say “you haven’t done the work” or that you are demonstrating your “white fragility” (i.e. you’re inability to handle the truth about your racism). If you continue to debate their insistence that you are a racially-biased person, or that the “systemic racism” doesn’t exist in your institution, eventually you will be found to be “problematic” – whether you are a teacher, a student or, yes, even a parent. Usually, once this happens there will be pressure to remove or ostracize you, often by ginning up some accusation or digging up some past perceived offense that can be used to convict you – in the court of public opinion - of being a racist or being “full of hate”.

I would like to give two examples:

One, happened at my 300-person company, which became obsessed with this ideology. It started with DEI consultants coming in. The process worked just as described above. We were not deemed sufficiently diverse. Little by little our company became hyper-sensitive to racial issues and hyper-politicized. We were taught that it’s not a matter of whether racism is at work at all times, but rather, it’s just a question of how racism is at work. This is what DEI does. Once this ideology entered our corporation, it taught everyone to view the world through a racial and gendered lens and become conditioned to see oppression and offense everywhere, particularly if said offense comes from a white individual – especially white males. This is no surprise because the CRT-inspired DEI curriculum teaches that ALL white people are “oppressors” and any person of color and all females are “oppressed”.

When the George Floyd incident occurred, our company became radicalized on issues of race, forcing leaders to make supportive statements on social media about groups such as Black Lives Matters, an organization whose founders admit they are in one founder’s words, “trained Marxists”. We were encouraged by company leaders we should contribute money to bailing out rioters. If people felt uncomfortable making a political statement or contributing money to people who rioted, that was considered problematic and people were shamed. If you were a leader and felt it was wise to just remain quiet, you were considered problematic because “silence is violence”. Increasingly, radical leftist politics, racial division, and endless discussions about both, took up more and more of the bandwidth of what our corporation spent its time doing. CRT-inspired DEI ideas eventually informed all aspects of the company and increasingly dominated all activities. We became a leftist, activist organization rather than corporation. Eventually, no dissent was allowed from these ideas either, so people were cowed into silence and fearful they could lose their job if they inadvertently offended someone or ask the “wrong” question about matters of race and gender. And some people did lose their jobs, by the way, unjustly.

The second example is in our Public School system in El Segundo, CA, a town known as the “Mayberry” of Los Angeles. This is a very quaint, family community known for its harmonious and happy community. This year, as CRT entered the elementary school curriculum, the social cohesion of our community broke down instantly as a result. Parents suddenly found their kids being taught over Zoom via seemingly innocuous cartoons, ideas like white people living today are responsible for slavery, among other concepts. Kids, as young as second grade, came home asking their parents if “we are bad?” because they have white skin. The parents were never asked about these radical ideas entering the school curriculum, it just started to be taught with no warning.

In response, a group of parents, feeling really concerned about what their young children were being taught, took out a newspaper ad reaffirming its love for America and its values, such as treating people as individuals and not judging people by their color. This ad in our local paper prompted a response from other parents who were pro-CRT. These parents took out another newspaper ad calling out the Pro-American parents as hate-filled. The pro-CRT parents signed their name to their ad and accused the pro-American parents of being ashamed of their ad. The proof? The pro-America parents didn’t sign their names to their ad. The reason, of course, is the Pro-America parents knew, if they signed the ad, they would be called racists and would be harassed in this very small town where everyone knows everyone.

All this to say, our town for the first time had protests against our little police department. Division broke out between groups of parents. People are now living in silence for fear they or their child will be targeted as someone filled with “hate” or called a “racist” if they don’t agree to anti-American CRT and radical gender-identity ideas being taught in school. Our town city council has now formed a DEI committee to address non-specific charges of racism. This will insure the community will become more racialized and divided.

This was not something we believed could happen to my work and our town, but it did. And it happened so very fast.

For me, personally, I experienced severed professional relationships, witnessed factions form in our community. There is a new sense that you are unwelcome in El Segundo if you are Christian, a Conservative, or even, an old-school liberal that simply believes in Martin Luther King’s idea that a color-blind society is still the true American dream we all need to fight for and aspire to.

This is how CRT comes in: through the door of DEI and “anti-racism”. It is indeed a beautifully-packaged poison, rooted in Marxist ideas, that promise better racial relations and delivers the absolute opposite: racial division and strife. It chills speech and radicalizes children against America.

Consequently, we are moving to Williamson County, Tennessee to escape this ideology. I cannot state with more passion the threat CRT poses. It calls itself “Diversity but it forces Conformity of thought. It says it’s for “Inclusion”, but excludes anyone who disagrees with its hyper-racialization of everything. It promises “equity”, but uses unjust and unfair means to achieve its so-called “equitable” aims and outcomes – it is actually anti-equality in every sense of the word.

Please do not be seduced by this ideology. And don’t be shamed into embracing neo-racist ideas. I can say, without reservation, whether the people peddling it know it or not, it is poison. We saw its effects, as our nation burned last year, as the proof in the pudding. The fruit of CRT-inspired DEI is racial division and hatred. America will not survive this if we don’t stand against it.

Finally, if you won’t stand against it for yourself, please summon the strength to stand against it for your children. If we are passive now, or afraid to stand on the truth - that every individual must be judged on their character, not their skin color - it’s our children’s future that will be destroyed.



From New York

Dear TN,

We moved to Williamson County 4 1/2 years ago from Queens, NY. We knew that we wanted a better way of life for our kids. And as much as I complain about certain things going on in our county, I have to thank God that we are here in TN. The things that I hear from my family and friends in NY make me sick.

My niece is a 1st grade teacher in a NYC school. She is not allowed to teach pronouns to her class. Back in February, she told me that it was "Queer and Transgender Affirming" day and she had to watch a drag queen story hour with her students. She had to show her 6 & 7 year old students a video of a drag queen reading a book called "The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish Swish Swish". She then had to read them a story about a little girl who hated her long hair and princess clothes and wanted to be a boy. She told me some of the kids were scared and crying because they couldn't understand what they were seeing. The school gave her slides to explain to the kids what queer and transgender meant.

My brother sends his youngest daughter to a private school where the tuition is over $40,000 a year. Last year they added a section to their website called "Diversity & Inclusion". They state that "diversity and inclusion are integral to the core values and forward thinking practices" of the school. They have a whole D&I resource page which includes a "Parents Guide to Black Lives Matter". The guide "aims to provide resources, advice, and tips to ensure that children are aware of racial inequality, racial hierarchies, and white privilege present in modern-day society, as well as share tools and knowledge in which to combat racism today." You can go down a rabbit hole clicking on all the curriculum, resources and guides. But to give you some examples, there are links that will take you to the Black Lives Matter at School website, the Woke Kindergarten organization, and the 1619 Project. These are just a few of the many that are listed. They are teaching the kids that they are racist. That they have "white privilege".

I already see that CRT is slowly making its way here to Williamson County. Last weekend, I spent a few hours watching Brain Pop videos. To say they are horrible is an understatement. They are anti-American and anti white. Portraying BLM as peaceful protestors, talking about stopping police violence and how different groups (immigrants, LGBTQ community, etc.) are just trying to "live proudly and openly". That is just in the Civil Rights Brain Pop video that my 11 year old recently watched in school. In the Jim Crowe video there is an image of a man hung from a tree and white cops beating black people with bats. These are all videos that our young impressionable children have access to. The new Wit and Wisdom curriculum is not any better. It is dark, twisted, and not age appropriate.

When we were researching school districts in TN, Williamson County was said to be the best and most conservative school district here. Please do not let what is happening around the country happen here in Williamson County. I urge you to do your own research regarding things like Wit and Wisdom, Brain Pop and even critical race theory. I know that some of the stories you hear from people sound far fetched and you think that will never happen here, but it will if we don't stand vigilant.


New York

From Oregon

Dear Tennessee,

I write this letter to you as a former thirteen year resident of Oregon and a native Californian. My family and I moved to Tennessee in January, 2021. I had a feeling we’d eventually hear about Critical Race Theory in Tennessee schools. What I didn’t realize was that CRT & DEI were already rearing their ugly heads in conservative areas like Williamson County. Regardless, we are so happy to be here. We’re ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with other parents, teachers, board members, administrators and community members who refuse to allow this divisive ideology to spread.

Let me preface this letter with the fact that I am a former teacher. I taught for several years in southern California- in LAUSD- one of the most powerful, progressive and influential districts in the county. I am married to an immigrant, a Latino, who is now a US citizen. I believe these two parts of my life give me a unique perspective to what’s happening in education today and this obsession half our country has with race. I understand and worry, deeply, about many working in academia, their intentions and their objectives.

American education (including many private schools and of course, colleges) has a not so hidden agenda…to indoctrinate and brain wash our youth and keep us divided and victimized so the “equity” hustlers can stay in power. They must force us into one of two groups: oppressors or oppressed, ultimately destroying what we know to be true, that America is inherently good and the best place on Earth to succeed if you’re willing to work. They want us to forget the American Dream that my husband left his country and family to achieve. Finally, they want us to forget that America is a meritocracy.

I have a few personal examples I could share about CRT/DEI, but I feel this one raises some red flags that I haven’t read about in other Dear Tennessee letters.

In 2019, when my son was in 6th grade, he came home from school and told me about a “justice circle” activity his art teacher had conducted in class that day. Substituting in my son’s district, I was aware of social justice trainings being offered to teachers and had done a little homework on what they were. When my son brought it to my attention, I knew he was going to tell me something I didn’t want to hear.

The activity involved the teacher making a statement and students stepping into the circle or staying put depending on their answers. The statements started off harmless enough...“I am an only child.” “I can ride a bike.” “I like pizza.” Gradually the statements became more intrusive and inappropriate. “I have heard sexist things at school.” “I have heard homophobic things at school.” “I have heard students make racist comments at school.” “I have felt judged by others at school.” “I have judged someone.” “I have been bullied at school.” “I have bullied someone.”

As you can imagine, this activity made my son very uncomfortable for reasons he could not explain. It did so because the statements were ambiguous, judgmental, divisive, age inappropriate and agenda driven. After hearing my son’s version, I reached out to the teacher via email and she explained she was conducting these circles to “build

community” and asked if I had concerns. I told her I didn’t understand how the activity was cohesive, that it made my son feel uneasy and that many of the questions weren’t suitable for his age (obviously, many kids didn’t know what ‘homophobic’ meant, for example). I also stated that as a parent I expected she was teaching art and asked why parents were not notified in advance.

She replied that “the entire structure {of the activity} is designed to build capacity so we can treat all students with respect and prevent harassment and bullying.” I really could not believe she didn’t see that such an activity could very well lead to harassment and bullying, exactly what she said she was trying to avoid. She then told me she would “give permission” for my son to go to the library the next time this activity was conducted, but we’d need to come to some sort of agreement as he’d need to eventually participate. At that point, I made an appointment for my husband and I to meet in person with this teacher and the principal. During our meeting she told me I was out of touch with the student body and didn’t understand “marginalized” students. When asked what type of training she received that made her believe she was qualified to conduct such an activity, she told us she learned this “tool” in a half day seminar. At that point my husband and I informed the principal they had two options: excuse him from this activity for the rest of the semester or move him to another art class.

I share this example with you because so much CRT focus is in the area of curriculum. I do not disagree that this area is vital. However, with CRT recently being banned in Tennessee schools, there will be attempts to infiltrate this ideology in shady, unsuspecting ways! We must remain alert and vigilant. They will not notify you in advance and ask your permission because they know if you knew what they were going to say/do, you’d never allow it.

I have heard comments from parents eager to give teachers the benefit of the doubt and I don’t think any of us dispute this to a certain degree, however, our responsibility lies in Reagan’s famous quote, “Trust, but verify.” In the past our unquestioning faith in teachers' good intentions, our busy lives, our memories of our own school days blinded us from seeing what was happening in our kids’ schools. No more. We can no longer say we’re unaware. We must give trust where it is earned. Failure to do so continues to potentially expose our children to this indoctrination of which we do not know, but can likely speculate, the long term effects; to them as individuals and our society as a whole.

In addition we must expose how EQUITY protects power and EQUALITY challenges power. We can accomplish this by following in the footsteps of other parents who have recently won similar battles. Our road map is clear: know what and who we are fighting, gather in numbers, organize, demand answers and get like minded people elected onto school boards and state/local government positions. I highly recommend Dana Loesh’s opinion piece in Newsweek dated 5/4/21, “A Model for Fighting Critical Race Theory in America’s Schools.”

With love,


From California 2

Dear Tennessee,

My husband and I moved to Tennessee 5 years ago from California. We moved to escape the unlivable conditions that liberal policies had created in what used to be a wonderful state. High taxes, high housing costs, high overall cost of living, freedom stealing laws, and horrible schools all drove us to Tennessee which we viewed as a safe haven. We love it here, but are becoming increasingly concerned.

Over the past year we have seen the leaders in this conservative, deep red state overreach in all areas of life; including the school system. From mask mandates, telling businesses how and when to operate, telling citizen’s what their personal medical decisions should be, to allowing liberal ideas and movements such as CRT (Wit & Wisdom as it has conveniently been named), BLM, and LGBTQ to infiltrate our schools; we feel like our safe haven is becoming increasingly less safe. Believe us when we say Tennessee SHOULD NOT do one thing like California or any liberal state for that matter.

Since moving here, we have been blessed with 2 wonderful children. They are not quite school age yet; but that has not stopped us from researching what schools in Tennessee are doing. Coming from a deplorable, liberal indoctrination center (public schools in California) aimed at not teaching young minds HOW to think for themselves but simply WHAT to think, we do not want that to be the educational experience our children receive. Critical Race Theory (disguised as Wit and Wisdom) is just one of the many ways that the liberal agenda is trying to weave its way into our school systems here in Tennessee. Do not be fooled! CRT is nothing but an indoctrination tool to mold the next generation to hate their country, themselves, and to look at the world through a bleak and hopeless lense. It is a twisting of historical events to make the United States and Caucasian people appear to be evil at all times. I know what this type of education does to young minds as I remember when the push for this agenda was in its infancy (when I was in High School over 10 years ago). Even then I could see my peers buying into the narrative, blinding themselves to truth, and turning into mindless adults who cannot think for themselves or even articulate why they have the opinions they do. Hearing stories of what goes on in the public school system now (even here in Tennessee) is why I would never send my children to a public school.

We as Tennessee residents need to stand up and fight for our children and the quality of their education. We must get involved and stop this evil disguised behind pretty words such as equity, diversity, and inclusion; or else suffer the consequences. Really it will be our children who pay the price; for it is their young minds that the liberal agenda is after. I implore you to get involved, stand up, and fight before it is too late.


A California Refugee

From California 3


You and we are having a love affair. We are smitten with you. And this surprises me because in spite your magnificent trees, exceptionally friendly, God-fearing people, an unparalleled music and food scene, as Californians who live on the ocean we thought we would never leave our paradise. But we’ve decided to call Nashville our new home. Why? Because after 60 years in California we’ve watched the State of Ronald Reagan and John Wayne turn into a Marxist cesspool that severely restricts the basic freedoms of its citizens while allowing the borders to go unguarded.

California hosts nearly half of America’s homeless population which is evident when driving down the streets of our cities, encountering mile after mile of tents and garbage. The scene is chillingly reminiscent of a trip we took to Caracas, Venezuela, in the late 1970s. We are convinced that California’s leaders are deliberately creating and perfecting another Venezuela in the Golden State before the plan is rolled out to the entire country. Once California falls, the rest of the states will be easy pickings.

Our public schools are teaching literal pornography to lower school children. Don’t believe me? What would you call teaching a 10-year-old how to use a cucumber in an exit-only orifice? Or conducting condom races for fifth graders as they see who can put the condom on the plastic phallus the fastest? Our high school graduates cannot read and write, but they certainly know their way around Plato‘s retreat.

As former owners of over 2000 residential rental units, we have seen the rights of landlords erode to the point that they are now forced by the courts to pay tenants to remain in the unit until they can find other housing. Needless to say, we sold all of our rental properties.

And not surprisingly, due to the homeless and illegal immigrant problem, our crime rates are skyrocketing before our very eyes. BLM has moved into Surf City Huntington Beach, home of surf contests and wholesome families. Two of the most prominent district attorneys in California pride themselves in allowing felons to go unpunished. A multi-time

arsonist was just re-arrested for setting a fire near Malibu this past weekend which destroyed 2000 acres. Frankly, we won’t be surprised if he is let go. One of these DA’s was responsible for the destruction of San Francisco and the other, the offspring of felonious and imprisoned Weather Underground members, assisted Hugo Chavez in taking down Venezuela before coming to the Golden State.

The draconian measures for Covid taken by our leaders during 2020 were laughable had they not been real. Our Los Angeles mayor authorized the arrest of a lone paddle boarder by half a dozen law enforcement officers who hand cuffed him before dragging him off to jail. Mayor Garcetti also decreed that people could only stand on WET sand, not dry. And, if he found out that anyone was having a gathering at their home, he shut off their water and power. He also ordered drones and helicopters to fly over fashionable West Side neighborhoods to surveil them. Furthermore, the theft of Orange County‘s 2018 election by leftist advocates who were bussed in from other counties to deceive the elderly and less educated into surrendering their blank but signed ballots ensured the flip of a solidly conservative county to one with Marxist leadership. A group of five county supervisors now seek to impose mandatory vaccine passports including at our airport. And to top it off, Governor Newsom has promised to raise state income tax to 17%, which he promises is just the beginning. Newsom has also decided that our schools will no longer teach higher level mathematics because not everyone can excel in these classes. We are constantly charged with excessive fees, fines and ticketed for new “violations” at every turn. A simple home renovation can take months and even years as it moves glacially through the expensive permit process. These excesses increase the costs of everything across the board, rendering California one of the most expensive places to live in the world. The quality of life diminishes every year while we watch as our taxes go to support people from other countries, criminals and failed social programs. And let’s not forget the over 10,000 prisoners recently released into our neighborhoods by Governor Newsom. No wonder crime is skyrocketing.

In short, given the epic corruption, crime, excessive taxes and eroding freedoms in our home state, my husband and I have decided to leave. We finance major motion pictures, work with the biggest names in Hollywood and space industry and should really be living in Southern California for obvious reasons. But my husband saw the writing on the wall and told me to look for a new place to live that is conservative and tax friendly. After a year of research, I convinced him that Tennessee was our best option.

Listen to my warning, please. Tennessee can go down the same disastrous road as California very quickly if you are not vigilant. Marxists are determined, calculating, deceptive and clever. You can lose everything you’ve built for your children and grandchildren in ONE SINGLE ELECTION. We’ve watched it happen here as leftists have picked off California district by district. You must not allow their doctrines and propaganda into your schools or into your legal system. It happens very quickly when suddenly you wake up and your freedoms are gone. Be bold and hold your ground.

With Love,


From Chicago

Dear Tennessee,

I write this with my heart filled with so much love and hope for our current home state. You see, 9 years ago we relocated to Williamson County from Chicago, IL. At the time we had two children, 13 and 2. We moved here searching for a better life for our family. My husband has been in construction since he was 18. At the time of our move, there was no work in Chicago. The economy had taken a hit, people were losing their homes at a record pace (we were included in that), and if you were a blue collar skilled worker you weren't working. I had a family member who resided in Brentwood and told us that there was work for us! People were still building homes, remodeling, and the economic sinkhole we were experiencing in Chicago didn't really take hold of Williamson County to the degree we felt up North. So we took the plunge and relocated.

While CRT was not in the school system when we left, moving to Williamson County, and being a part of BMS was a shock. Not in a bad way, more in a wow, this is amazing! My daughter played softball and they openly prayed after games Prayer allowed at a public school sporting event? I fell in love with our school! Her friends openly spoke of God and the churches they attended. My entire life growing up in Chicago, we didn't speak of God amongst friends in school! The community support of the schools in this district rival the schools my daughter had previously attended up North. The fundraising for schools in this county is beyond words. The teachers she encountered were nurturing and supportive. On a state level you can just feel the difference in the air. Residing in a state with lower property taxes and no state income tax coming out of your check every pay period, Bonus!! Since residing here we have grown our family to 4 (22,11,6,5) I have spend the last 9 years loving this state, thanking God we were led here, and feeling confident we would never have to deal with the insanity we see plastered on our news feeds daily. My how the tables have turned.

But now I must confess, I have been complacent. I was overly confident that living in middle Tennessee somehow sheltered us from the outside world. Why would I need to check on what material is being taught to my children? I had full confidence in the curriculum. I mean, how can we have award winning schools and have subpar curriculum? How can we live here and have leftist ideas trickle in to our schools system without me noticing? I was so very wrong and my mind is completely blown. See, I have friends who are educators in Chicago and the suburbs. While they have told me about the monthly CRT trainings they must attend, in the back of my mind I thanked God this insanity wasn't here. The term "white privilege" isn't being pushed to students at this point. The focus of these trainings has been how to ensure equity in grading and making sure the teachers are treating each child the same. What they have all stated is the hardest change for them has been implementation of gender fluidity in the classroom. Gone are the days where they can say, "good morning boys and girls." They have also expressed concern over the fact that the push for this in the classroom has led to a generation of sexually confused children. They have all taught for 17 plus years and they have never had so many children align with bisexual or asexual before. It has become a frightening trend within the schools. I am certain, however, CRT will be pushed harder in the coming years. In 2015 Illinois passed the new Illinois Civics law. What this did was allow leftist teacher corps to bring politics into the classroom. It states, "at least one semester of civics education, which shall help young people acquire and learn to use the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will prepare them to be competent and responsible citizens throughout their lives. Civics education course content shall focus on government institutions, the discussion of current and societal issues..." it also states, "school districts are free to determine how to incorporate civics education into their current curricula in a way that best meets the needs of their students." ( This law was written to start the slow, quiet trickle of CRT into the schools without parents being too alarmed. Can you see that school boards across the state could say, no CRT isn't in our school system, however, the window was wide open to it. Sound familiar?

This sends off some major red flags for us in Williamson County. All it takes is a crack in our schools policies or curriculum to allow the poison that is CRT to completely change what we value here. Wit and

Wisdom is that crack. If allowed FHS will crack the foundation. We cant let that happen. We have to fight for our children's futures! I am proud to be a part of this group and to go to battle with all of you courageous moms and dads. I pray every night God gives us strength to stay on task and to win against the evil threatening to poison our schools and communities.

With Love,


From California 4

Dear TN,

My husband and I made the difficult decision to sell our home in a small beach town in Southern CA that we have been wanting to live our entire adult lives and move to Williamson County, TN. The home that we first brought our child home to. The only home she knows. We are leaving our family and lifelong friends to escape CA. I know it may sound like I’m being dramatic, but I promise you, I’m not. We have a 2 ½ year old little girl. After she was born we started to look closely at schools both private and public. We currently live in one of the best, most conservative school districts in CA so we thought we were safe. We are not. We started meeting parents with small children that would tell us that trans people were being brought in to read stories to kindergarten kids. I personally could care less what people do with their own lives, what they choose to wear, what their lifestyle is or what they do in their bedroom. I DO care that CA is bringing this in to the classroom of 5 year olds. We then started hearing about CRT but they disguise it as Ethnic Studies. I have friend who went through CRT at a government job and what I heard was disgusting. We are so far gone here in CA. You can’t question anything here either. Many of the parents that are for CRT/Ethnic Studies haven’t even taken the time actually read or learn about what it actually teaches.

I have this pit in my stomach now thinking that TN now has this issue. We thought we were escaping this insanity and racism.

My fear is that the democrats are taking advantage of good people that do want to be “inclusive”. I believe that most people are kind. Most parents want their child to feel safe and included, including me. But this isn’t what they are trying to do. It starts small. At first you will shrug it off and say that it’s not that bad. You can’t give them an inch. Not one inch.

We need to stand as a community to leave our kids alone. No more indoctrinating. No more teaching them to hate the US or themselves. The US is an amazing, welcoming country. Yes, we have had a difficult past but no other country has improved so fast in a short amount of time. We should be proud of this fact and teach how far we have come! There are plenty of smart and sensible ways to teach this without making one groups of KIDS the victims and the other group of KIDS the villains.

We need to have parents volunteer on a regular basis in the classroom. Go to every board meeting. Run for board seats. We need them to understand that we will band together and do whatever it takes to protect this next generation.


Future CA refugee